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If you’ve found us, we want to welcome you to our ever evolving blog and we’re so tickled you’re here!

If you’re here and unfamiliar with Cardin McCoy , we’ll give you a very basic background – we are a family owned clothing company that began in 2017 and have since been growing!

We are based out of Georgia but we don’t want to be confined by state lines – hence why we are here! We sell children’s shirts, hats, belts, and shoes – you may also see some decor on the blogs – just click them and take a peek at what we have to offer there too! This will be a melting pot to display our products, stories, highlight customers, and share anecdotes to reach everyone near and far!

We started with the idea of a blog to help us reach not only our current customers, but others who may not have heard of us and who might love to read short, interesting excerpts, and peep some cute clothes while they’re at it! We want this blog to show how our products fit into everyday life!

We’d love to hear feedback, field questions, show off some of our favorite things and be accessible to you all. If you have any ideas or things you’d love to hear us speak on please reach out through the contact icon so that we can hear from you!

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September 20, 2021 — Caroline Eure

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