So I think every kid has that 'thing' that makes their eyes light up, no matter what...

Sometimes you have the 'Dino Kid' who sparkles at the sight of a Tyrannosaurus-Rex or a Triceratops - these are the ones cruising the natural museums for fossils and dinosaur replicas.

Sometimes you have the 'classic car kid' - the one who can spot them from a mile away. Ya know the ones who enjoys a car show and appreciates the classics. They are looking for hot rods, rat rods, and everything in between!

Sometimes you meet the 'tractor kid' - the one who would be out in the field everyday, sitting on a Combine if he could. He's the one that will tell you which tractor is toughest and something about a Big Green Tractor?!

LASTLY - Sometimes you get caught up with the Construction kid. I find these kids to be in a league of their own. They have a tendency to know heavy machinery better than most adults. They can tell you what piece of equipment does what, and on occasion they can even tell you how. Some of the children that have been raise around heavy equipment all of their lives can drive them and show you the functions of each button...something I will never be able to do!

I'm not sure if its the lights, the sounds, or the functions that make heavy equipment so mesmerizing but there is definitely a feature or two...or three that keep the kiddos hooked; but can ya blame them? I can't!

The sheer size of excavators, backhoes, bull dozers, and dump trucks make you feel so small in comparison. I like to think that is why kids love them so much - the power they must feel when sitting high up - above everyone else and moving around machines that weigh cool? I know when we're riding down the road and we pass a Logging operation or even a construction site - I am demanded to slow the car down so we can watch just a few seconds of the fun! From flinging dirt, rocks, poles, logs, and whatever else they put in the buckets and claws it is really a sight!

To all the kids who love to slap on a pair of heavy boots, work pants, a cool t-shirt, and hop in the seat with Dad or Papa to run the heavy machinery - we see you! It's not everyday you get to stand on the tracks of an excavator! We've got just the shirt, boots, and hats for any tough job!

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