So the fun thing about kids is that the term "Best Buds" is an ever changing concept. Sometimes best buds are their favorite guys at schools, sometimes its their brother, sometimes it's their dogs, shoot - a lot of times its even dad.

I think the idea of best buds evolving is such a neat thing to teach. We are allowing our kiddos to realize that they aren't stuck to just one friend or circle - Best buds can come in all shapes and sizes!

We have seen brothers that are best buds!

We have seen 4 legged Best Buds!

We have seen Mama's as best friends...

...and we have seen Dads as Best Friends too!

No matter who their best bud is today, tomorrow, or the next day Is sure to have a shirt to match the day!

We love seeing your little ones and their best friends! Shop these styles and other at get one for not only your little guy but their Best Bud too!


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