We want to highlight fellow small businessmen and women who are chasing their dreams, following their passions, and creating unique and original designs for the entire world to see. This week we would like to shine a light on a Texas based hat company called 4B Hat Co, owned and operated by Kristan Bailey!

We asked the Kristan a few questions so we could get to know her and her company a little better! Here are her responses:

The Why - "I started 4B Hat Co because it was important to me for my husband to have the opportunity to match our son. So many items are geared towards a mama and her mini, but becoming a dad should be just as special! My husband is a hat guy, but finding hats for an infant was difficult because they are very character based and I am not one that likes character clothing. I was going to have hats made for my guys when a friend encouraged me to go bigger. Here we are, almost one year later, and have created a community within our 4B group on Facebook."

The When - "We sold our first hat December 1st of 2020."

Your passions? "I am very passionate about FAMILY. I don’t just mean my husband and our son. Life is very short, so instead of using 4B as strictly a retail store, we use it as a way to let others know they are loved. People share their children with us, their stories, their lives; they trust us to be there for them during their happiest or darkest moments. We pray together and truly live by the motto “Community over competition.” I believe God opens doors for us to be His servants in ways we’d never expect and to me, He is using 4B. Creating a safe place for people to gather, even if it is over social media, has changed my life."

The company's greatest accomplishment? "It may seem silly, but as a small shop and one woman show, it was huge for me to start a website and get a thermal laser label printer. For almost 8 months I wrote every single name and address on every package that was sent. Getting to the point where a website cost was something we could do, was a huge accomplishment for 4B."

Kristan, thank you for letting us highlight 4B Hat Co and we wish you the very best in the future! Congratulations on your upcoming 1 year business anniversary! 4B can be found on Facebook but here is her website also - https://4bhatco.com/ go check out some of her high quality, adult and children sized stylish hats! Lets all support small businesses!

October 24, 2021 — Caroline Eure

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