For this Sunday, we wanted to highlight another small business! This small business is called Jess By Jess Designs and is owned and operated by, yep you guessed it - Jess (Wood)! We wanted to find out a little more about her company so we asked her a few questions.

 What do you make make? "Wreaths, swags, centerpieces, and all types of floral arrangements."

When did you start your business? "I started working for my grandmother's florist in high school. I was hired to deliver flower arrangements but I LOVED being in the back with the flowers. I loved the smell of fresh flowers, all the different color combinations, and I was just hooked! I quit delivering flowers and started making Arrangements."

The why is very similar to the when. It was the flowers in the florist shop that grabbed her attention and never let go!

What are you passions? "I Love spending time w my family, I have a 24 year old son, a 21 year old daughter, and an 19 year old son. I love traveling to new places with my husband. I love to go to dress up & fancy places to eat and be pampered in the spa. (Lol). I enjoy all things flowers… artificial or real and coming up with my own unique designs."

The greatest accomplishment you’ve had as a business? "Actually Starting the business is my greatest accomplishment," Jess told me. For years she pushed, believed in, and cheered on everyone in her family - after doing that for years she realized she needed to take her own advice. After some serious soul searching and a lot of prayer she left the career she loved, nursing, to stay home with her children and she is so glad she did. She spent being the taxi driver for this practice, that practice, or that activity - 2 years ago as her children were all out of the house for college she realized she needed something for her!


From Jess: "I read a friends blog and she was in a similar situation with kids leaving the nest and she said she was challenged by her therapist to actually do something she has been saying she would do for a long time. She found her self saying well I should “blank” but knowing she never would do it. So she challenged us to do the same. I decided the next time I said “well I should “____ “ that I would actually really do it! So I told myself after making some arrangements for my own house that “I should sell these” Naturally fear crept in…. fear of rejection, fear that it wouldn’t work , fear that I would open myself up for other people to judge me scared the crap out of me! But I was determined to do it and I did! Now I ship my wreaths and arrangements all over the world!"


Recently she has started selling her designs at Southern Priss store front! Jess, your designs are beautiful and we are so grateful you opened up your passion to the world. Your creations are one of a kind and every customer should feel truly special to own one!

Thank you for sharing your love, passion, and they 'whys' with us- while we know how intimidating it can be to make your creative outlet accessible to everyone, we are so glad you did! You can shop JessByJessDesigns on Facebook, at Southern Priss in St. Simons Island GA, or at her Etsy store at JessbyJessDesigns!



Hazel Bullock said:

I am the grandmother that Jess speaks of! Jess is a go get her type of lady. Takes everything she does seriously but still enjoys it! I am proud and blessed to have her in my life!

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