I think one of the things we miss out on when looking at clothing and decorations is the actual inspiration, especially when online shopping. Sometimes we can't see where the story comes from, how that design was created, or what thought process was included. We'd like to close that gap and open the door to one of our inspirations, or maybe 'muse' is a better word. We'd love to introduce you to Sir Jaxson Butterworth!

He is referred to, more casually, as Jaxson. He is three years old and was one of the owners and designers, Christie Richardson's, 10th wedding anniversary present. I mean, who wouldn't want a mini cow for an anniversary present? I know I would! All of the extra kisses you could imagine and Mooooos for days!

Jaxson is a half miniature Longhorn and half miniature Zebu bull and we can all agree he got the very best of each breed! He is mischievous and loves to get into all kinds of the antics - opening gates, causing ruckus, and showing off extra for treats! He has been the inspiration for many of the cow designs that Cardin McCoy creates and has been quite a hit on TikTok too!

The three years Jaxson has been living on the farm have been the very best and there are so many more to come. Most days Jaxson has no idea that he is a bull and goes about his daily life like he is the third child of the family. He really takes the term - Big Baby - to a whole new level!

This company is owned by real life, everyday, farm loving people that want to create clothing that is not only cute, but can suit the farm life as well! Our clothing and decor are created from our daily adventures, what we love, and nearby inspirations - just like Jaxson!

Jaxson has brought so much joy to the Richardson Family (and most of Facebook as well) and we are thankful they want to share not only his pretty face, but his wild personality with all of us too! Check out our other cow products and Jaxson inspired pieces. As we continue with CM Lifestyle we will walk you through some of our other inspirations, introduce you to designers and staff, and talk about the entire process from design to creation!

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September 20, 2021 — Caroline Eure

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