The fun thing about making season appropriate clothing is that we get to see it during season appropriate times. Lets think about how many fun things there are to do on the weekends...shoot, even the week days during the fall! The kids are busy ALL of the time! It is such an exciting time of the year.

Some of the kids end up at the Corn Mazes - weaving in and out of the corn stalks. Squeals and glees of happiness - having so much fun, playing Marco-Polo, and looking for one another through the tall blades.

If you aren't at the Corn Maze you may have ended up at the Pumpkin Patch - each kid looking for their very own pumpkin. Whether you're looking for a Pumpkin to soon carve and decorate or you're just there to find cool and different looking Pumpkins each patch is sure to have you what you need.


Maybe you didn't go to the Pumpkin patch for a pumpkin at all. Maybe you ended up there just so you could do the fun stuff! A lot of places around home have hay rides, slides, and some even have bounce houses. Whether you wanted a pumpkin or not, who could turn down a bounce house?

While we are about to close out October - whether this last weekend is spend riding hay rides, picking pumpkins, or even carving them - we hope everyone has a blast.

Hop on over to the main site and find some seasonally appropriate shirts that are sure to add a little "festive" to the festivities!

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