So the rule of thumb in the South is any month with an R is the "R"ight time to have an Oyster Roast! While we are a few months in, the temperatures have finally started to drop and it feels just right to throw a Roast!

With steamers cranked up, gloves sitting out, shucking knives on deck the crowd anxiously waits for oysters to drop and then pop back up! Whether you like them light or hard, topped with cocktail sauce, melted butter, and a saltine - I will say oysters are an acquired taste and they might be one of my favorite things!

Taking your kids with you, no sweat - we have the perfect outfit for your little ones at the Roast. Tell me this isn't just right?

So Let's shop this whole look! Camden has his oyster shirt styled with a pair of our chocolate Chelsea boots - I think they go well together. Here they are as a separate!

Luckily we have the perfect belt to go with the boots and this shirt.

If you're looking to shop this look for your next oyster roast, or really any other time - here are all of the pieces. I think Caramel might work well too - pick your preference!

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November 04, 2021 — Caroline Eure

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