What is better than being able to shop online? How about seeing the clothes styled? That is exactly what this collaboration gave us! We love seeing how others decide to dress up, dress down, or accessorize all of our clothing and we’re hoping this gives you some inspiration too!

We'd like to introduce you to Baker! He is 29 months old and all boy – from causing chaos (will return to later) to his charming bright blue eyes! His mom shared some extra interesting facts about this stylish kiddo!

Just to name a few of his favorite things; he loves Golf, Snowboarding and Tools – and to use the word obsession would be the perfect description!

How about when something you love turns into something even more impressive like…being the World’s Youngest Snowboarder, a title he got when he hopped on the board at the young age of ONLY 10 months old! I know some adults who can’t even balance a snowboard (myself included), so excuse us while we bask in the presence of greatness!

When he isn’t snowboarding he is spending the warmer months attached to the golf course and enjoying the greens!

In true boy fashion he is constantly wreaking havoc around his home by driving nails into the walls…somebody come give this kid a carpentry job!

We enjoyed this collaboration and love how he styled his Caramel Austin Boots. They are perfect for the cooler months and if they get a little worn, have no fear – a little leather cleaner and conditioner will get them looking brand new again!

Be sure to find us on our social media platforms so we can see how all of your littles style their boots!

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September 20, 2021 — Caroline Eure

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