As Monday rolls around we are all recuperating from a weekend of costumes, candies, scares, and loads of laughter!

While we showed you a few costumes before Halloween, aren't you curious as to what some of the littles' looked like over the weekend?!

As parents, if you weren't battling costumes - you were battling the amount of candy consumed.

The kids live for Halloween Night - they get to dress up in any alter ego, they get to eat ALLLL the candy, and they get to see all of the spooky things!

We had kiddos adding our boots to any and all type of costumes. As you see, we had Cowboys, Koala Bears, even police officers!

I know parents who enjoyed the years where THEY got to pick the costumes and then I know parents who enjoy the years when their LITTLES' get to pick their costumes. While we enjoy dressing them up, independence and self expression bring a whole new level of fun to the Holiday!

As we close the door on Halloween - we open the door to not only Thanksgiving but Christmas as well.

I know my family doesn't decorate until after Thanksgiving but I love seeing and hearing about all of the traditions in the months to come! I am so excited for what is in the near future - I cannot wait to see the cowboys, bears, superheroes, and all of the other cute creatures turn into precious little Angels over the Christmas Season!

Please share all of your family's traditions with us. We love seeing costumes, learning about traditions, and watching families grow!

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