Can you finish the lyrics? I know my household can - It is full of Country Boys!

Here in North Carolina it was the opening weekend of Deer Season (rifle season that is) and the Country Boys (and girls) around here were all excited...camouflage everywhere you look! The sound of hounds running through the woods were all you could hear for days. When do the seasons begin in your state? I know across the country seasons begin at different times and not only do the deer look different but the population size also differs. Who else spent the weekend at the hunting lodge - scoping out all of their Big Buck property?!

As I'm scrolling through social media the pictures have been constantly uploading - big bucks for the older guys, small bucks for the younger guys, and doe meat for those looking to stock the refrigerator and freezer...but no matter what - there are HUGE smiles everywhere! There are hunting clubs showing off comradery, dogs yipping with glee, and celebrations after a good hunt!

To so many people hunting and fishing is a lot more than just sport. While it is a sport and hobby, most people raised to hunt and fish are also raised to respect the land and all of the things it provides. They not only learn about the animal, respect the animal, but they also utilize the animal for what it is was intended to provide.

As deer are shot and fish are caught the older generation teaches the younger generation on just how important this act really is. What may seem like just a hobby, is quite a bit more than that - it is about providing quality family time, teaching kids about rules, regulations and laws, and learning about nature. It is about the bond between a person (I wanted to say child, only to realize how hard some adults work with their dogs also) and their hunting dog - usually they're raised together - and the joy of watching their retriever or pointer grow into the skills they are bred to have and training and molding them into successful companions and workers! 


If you aren't interested in the meat - you let the deer walk, if you aren't going to cook the fish - you throw them back. It is about respecting the land, animals, and the balance between them.

There are so many lessons learned through hunting that make it really special. When I watch my husband load my son up and haul him off for an afternoon hunt I am thrilled to know that he is not just learning about what big bucks look like and how impressive they are on a wall but also what they provide.

I grew up eating venison burgers, venison spaghetti, and I've even used it in my lasagna - it is a much leaner alternative to ground beef and cooks down nicely. Some people even add fat and make it into a sausage.

Whether you bird hunt, big game hunt, or fish for whatever is biting - you know exactly what fun it can provide. Whether your hunting looks like sitting in a duck blind, tree stand, or listening and what the dogs run you appreciate the sport, the hobby, and all of the life lessons it provides!


So whether this weekend was spent strapping up your boots and slapping on a camouflage shirt and hanging tight by your Dad or spent listening to tall tales over a bonfire- we hope you enjoyed it spending time with the ones you love, doing what you love!

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