So the other day I used the phrase “Hot as Blue Blazes” when I was referring to the weather. I live in North Carolina, but this pretty much pertains to the entire south eastern part of the country, and if you know what our temperatures and humidity feel like here you know that phrase is about all that sums it up! Even though it’s August these temperatures reminded me, summer is not over! The heat is here and if your children aren’t in a sleeveless shirt, they’re wearing short sleeves and shorts (with the possible addition of some sweat)! So, when I said Hot as Blue Blazes out loud it got me thinking of the color blue and I immediately thought about what would look best on me, sassy I know! But in reality, we all know what “our colors” are. Some of us can rock a pastel color like no one’s business, others need the jewel tones to make them feel like they pop, and some feel the very vibrant rich colors best compliment their skin complexion. No matter which category you fall under, let’s be honest – we know where we fit and we all love hearing, “that color looks so good on you!” If we know this about ourselves we more than likely know it about our children, too! We know what colors WE love seeing them in anyways! So, keeping in line with our blue theme, whose kid(s) looks great in Blue? I know my Blonde haired, light eyed son does! I like to see him in the jewel toned blues that are rich, but you know if you asked him - he’d say “that’s just blue Mama” haha that’s the difference between children and their mamas. I’ve hand-picked some of my favorite blues that meet all ends of the spectrum. One of these blues below has got to make your kid feel and look like a million bucks! If the color doesn’t particularly grab your children’s attention (because lets be honest, if they’re anything like my son he has his favorite colors and blinders on only for them), the designs will get them hooked! I picked these shirts particularly because they aren’t season specific, like some of the others offered; so they are wonderful transition pieces from summer to fall. They will go with whatever warm day you come across.

The “light blue” color here is for all of the ones who can wear a good pastel like you wouldn’t believe. Whether it’s about fishing, farm animals, or ocean life this pastel blue is a real show stopper.

Okay yall, and this…this true blue is one for the books! I do love a deep blue and I think this fits the bill. And regarding this tee specifically - is anyone ever mad at a yellow/blue combo? I know I’m not! Sunflowers again are a perfect transition shirt – I always think of September when I see the Sunflowers pop up. Here in NC the sunflower fields are a thing of beauty. This Gone fishin' is also perfect for the young fisherman of the family and would be a wonderful addition to your little's closet!

For a blue that really pops Cardin McCoy’s “ocean” falls into that category. I love this color because it just makes me feel happy! It isn’t loud but it also isn’t quiet…does that even make sense?! You know what I mean, this is just a shirt you can pick out of the crowd. *And I may be biased because I have a Mama’s boy so this shirt really speaks to me!

If blue isn’t your color don’t fret – this is not our only specialty. I almost included Teal but I consider that a green/blue instead of blue/green…I know, now I’m just being finicky, ha! If teal happens to be your color, okay okay okay I’ll include one of those too…just for you!  

I believe the artwork and originality of these designs speak for themselves! They really are shirts both you and your children can love! If you were to sit down and think about which blue is your favorite, what would you come up with? If there is a color that isn’t being represented, what would you like to see?

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September 23, 2021 — Caroline Eure

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