Football in the south during the fall is something to see...maybe I should say Football everywhere but I'm from the South so I can speak on personal experience to what it is like there. Don't feel excluded, as you keep reading I'm sure you'll be able to relate no matter where you live or are from. I know most  College football teams across the country are in the throes of their season by now.

I have never been a football fanatic but I have known many - my dad to be one. He enjoys college football but I pretty much only get involved during NFL - GO STEELERS! We'd don our Steelers Jerseys on the weekend and do whatever brought us good-luck the weekend before. While I'm an NFL girl that does not ring true for everyone, the older I've gotten I've noticed the intensities of Colleges rivalries.

Now if you're anything like me, I personally went to a small University that didn't have a football team so the whole attachment is slightly lost on me but boy have I seen the die-hards. You know...the ones with painted chests, cars stickered from top to bottom, flags flapping in the wind as they drive down the highway weekend after weekend to support their team. Whether they are current students, alums, or just bred into the culture there is something to be said about some of these fans. They start tailgating in the early morning hours, grilling out and playing cornhole, before they migrate to the stadium - and when I say stadium I mean some of these places are Grand - like NFL grand!

While I don't know them all, I know some of the big names. Some of the rivalries that come to mind are - South Carolina & Clemson - Auburn & Alabama - Ole Miss & Mississippi State (I had to say M-I-crooked letter - crooked letter - I - hump back - hump back - I) - Texas & Texas A&M (Aggies seems to come to mind!) - Alabama & Tennessee - USC &Notre Dame - just to name some of the more common ones. Do you all have local rivalries? Even in high school we had our big rivalry that usually fell on Homecoming and boy were the bleachers full!

If you aren't lucky enough to tailgate and sit stadium side - are you throwing Football Parties? I hope so! I show up to those, not only for lively conversation but the food...Jeez Louise - talk about dips to die for, veggie trays, chicken it is usually a spread that does not disappoint. Guilty as charged - I'm there pretty much only for the food! What is your go-to finger food to take for Football parties? I do a mean crockpot Mac-n-cheese but if I don't go with that I just stick to the ever faithful crockpot meatballs (steps 1, 2, 3, and your done)!

While I probably won't be watching football this weekend or get wrapped up into cheering on with the crowds I thoroughly enjoy seeing all of the pictures of families enjoying games, little ones dressed up in their favorite team's gear, and parent's imprinting the love of the game on Children across this beautiful Country.

Even if you aren't fanatical, you have to love a little something about American Football, it is a beautiful tradition for a reason!

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October 09, 2021 — Caroline Eure

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