As we round into November, Fall Photo shoots are in full swing. If you're anything like my family and half of the people I take pictures of there is always the looming question - "What do you we wear?"

As Mamas we are drawn to the Mustard's, Burgundy's, Navy's, and Hunter Greens. We are always double guessing ourselves - should we do patterns, solids, or how to balance all of that.


We usually start with our little ones right? They are the easiest to get ready because most of the time we can pick outfits for them *insert sigh of relief.


We wanted to show you some ways our products have been styled differently for fall photo shoots all over. Whether you're looking the perfect boot, loafer, belt, or even t-shirt - Cardin McCoy has got you covered for all of your needs!


Hopefully we have given you some good ideas for the upcoming month(s)! No matter what you wear, it is the memories that count the most. Let us keep your kids the best dressed for all of the moments that are going to be captured over the holidays.


Head on over to the main page and check out our shirt, shoes, belts, and hat collections! Happy Fall Y'all!

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