As the temperatures cool off and the leaves begin to change we start to embrace all of the goodness that Fall brings with it.

While we are looking forward to things like bonfires, cool nights, and football games under bright lights the weather reminds us its time to change not just our clothing but also our footwear!

Whether you have been sporting sandals or flip flops, its time to think about hanging those up and trading them in for some closed toe options. With the morning temperatures being cooler, everyday is no longer a 'shorts and sandals' kinda day. We are now grabbing jeans, long socks, and a pair of our favorite boots!

As adult we love to express ourselves through our boots and let them speak for us - are we feeling sporty, classy, or edgy? The same goes for our Kiddos. No matter how they're feeling; I think the styles of boots speak for themselves and each style has something that makes it unique and just as great as the next.

So, if we're talking height - lets start with the tallest boot. We call ours the Austin Boot. Whether you’re trying to show them off or keep them understated, this boot will do either with ease. For those who like a good boot cut jean, a shoe that doesn't have to be front and center, keeping with the classic boot look...these can easily be style that way. 

How about the kids who like a slim fit? No problem - these fit that bill too! Most kids are looking for that fast throw on, zip 'em up, and run kinda look – this is it! They are the perfect height , fit, and even considerate closures so that they are Child friendly – takes little effort to get them on and off...and what parent doesn't love a good boot that can be put on independently, I know I DO!

Next, is my personal favorite – the Chelsea Boot. As an adult (is that what I am now? YIKES) I finally got with 'the times' and learned just how stylish the Chelsea Boot is – the best part – easily made unisex. Perfect for either gender and can be styled so many ways! They look great with a rolled up pant, so you can show off the elastic sides but also wear really well under a boot cut or slim fit jean. Really stylish and again – easy on and off – can’t stress that (no so) little detail enough...parents you know what I mean!


 Lastly we have the Lace up boot - our Camden boot, who doesn’t love these? They aren't your everyday basic boot - we have the added detail of not only a lace up but also a v-cut in the back! Depending on preference, boot color and laces may differ - each with a complimentary look and style of their own - I love how the white laces pops off the caramel boot and the chocolate lace and boot compliment each other so well. I believe with this boot no detail was over looked and that is heavily evident. Not only can they be worn with jeans – again rolled up or down – or boot cut, but they also look really well dressed up – for boys and/or girls. I’ve seen them styled with hoses, dress socks, jeans, and numerous other ways.


I’ve added some of the unique ways our customers have styled their boots incase you are looking for any inspiration. The most interesting thing about these boots is that each pair is just as high quality as the next. Whether you like a lace up, zip up, or slide on – we’ve got them all.

I know as parents we tend to have preferences because, shoot, we’re usually the ones helping get them dressed and ready so we get a little say so too, right?!

 Another great thing – you are getting genuine leather boots – which beforehand use to really spook me…I thought that meant I had to be EXTRA careful. My son couldn’t wear them on rainy days, NO jumping in the muddy puddles, or anything like that...only to be educated that that is NOT the case. Rough ‘em up, treat them like boots are suppose to be treated – work in ‘em, play in ‘em...because magically a little shampoo and conditioner make them just like new again. Wear 'em out Monday through Friday and have them cleaned and ready for dress wear on the Weekends – WIN-WIN! 

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October 13, 2021 — Caroline Eure

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