Ok, Let's talk about accessories! I think a lot of time kids' accessories get over looked - but not here! I know we like to show off our shirts and boots, but man do we have some great accessories too! Luckily our shoes and belts match so well...but we also have hats to go along with the whole sha-bang...we'll discuss those another day!

Lets look at our belts and matching shoes in some different combinations...because man do they look good together! Here is a good example of how well the Caramels compliment one another. The belt dresses up our lace-ups sneakers, just the right amount.

If you don't like that or you aren't into Caramel and...say you like the Chocolate color - that's cool, we all carry a preference, luckily we can show how well those match up also!


Above is a Cardin McCoy Chocolate belt with a pair of Chelsea Boots, and aren't they an exceptional match? We think so too!

If you are someone who goes against the grain and is curious what they look like mix-matched? Welp, here it is!

What do you think? I think Chocolate and Caramel go pretty well if you ask me! We carry a little something for everyone.

Not only do we pride ourselves in creating unique and creative t-shirt designs but we are also proud of the genuine leather shoes and belts we carry for children. Don't skip out on quality due to age - little ones' deserve the Goods too!

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