So with Thanksgiving right around the corner I thought it would be interesting to see what family traditions everyone participates in. I know as we become adults we hang on to the traditions we cherished as children, we cut out the ones that weren't our favorite, and we make new ones with our families!

When I look back over responses here are a few that stuck out for Thanksgiving!

I know for the last few years my family has done a turkey trot - we wake up really early, run a grueling 5K, come home and shower, and start cooking for the day. Even though its exercise its a nice way to start the day and make room for all of the turkey!

I know others who go to pick out their family Christmas tree on Thanksgiving Day (My kinda people) and decorate the entire tree as a family after they eat - a memory that I am sure is cherished. Closing one Thankful Holiday and preparing for the next Holiday full of thankfulness and love!

Some people even pull out the fine china for their Thanksgiving turkey and sides! While eating off their best plates they go around telling what each are thankful for. How nice?!

There are some families that are eating their Turkey dinner by their Christmas tree, already decorated and a house smelling like freshly baked sugar cookies.

No Matter how your family celebrates or what traditions they carry out we'd love to see them! We have the perfect shirts, boots, and hats to pair with Thanksgiving outfits. We even have some with Turkeys on 'em.

Head on over to the home page and see if we have anything that would add the perfect touch to your little one's Thanksgiving Day outfit. Happy Thanksgiving!

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