So, I promise I'll move on from talking about Fall but it was in the 50's this morning and it felt too good not to write about fall again - sorry guys!

Growing up this season was dedicated to Fall Ball - now I was not an avid player of baseball or softball but my brother was so I am quite aware of the fun that goes into Fall Ball. Now as an adult my nephew is in the throes of Fall Ball and I have to say, more power to the parents who are burning up the roads. I know it can be a lot but I also know, you all do it for the love of the game!


I think as parents sometimes we feel like the long days are just a little bit longer than maybe they actually are but I get it - between practice, game day, and travel - we stay on the move during this season...but what fun it is?! The joy on our Kids' faces will have us doing whatever we can to keep the twinkle in their eye! We want to see them in uniform with the spark that comes along with the spirit of Baseball.

We get to watch our kids practice - fine tune the sport that they know and love. We get to travel to the games - hauling around our kids, their friends and teammates, and sometimes extra parents too. Those rides are full or pep talks, strategies, and maybe some dancing?! Then we make it to the game and WOW...They step onto the diamond and it is a culmination of training, determination, and sheer grit for the next few hours.

Fully uniformed - with adrenaline pumping, coaches shouting out commands, and parents cheering - these kids go from offense to defense for 9 innings (and maybe more depending on the score).

As most athletes do, these kids are unfortunately counting ever mistake, remembering every play that they might could have done slightly better or if they had thrown it just a few seconds sooner they would've gotten that out...BUT luckily in the game of Baseball, there is always redemption.

The kids might see and feel their mistakes but they also get to revel in the big moments. That hit that slid right past third base moving runners and tacking on a Runner Batted In (RBI) or that line drive to short stop that was snagged and a double play happened - THOSE Moments! The fun in those successes are not only felt by the kids jumping up and down - spitting out their sunflower seeds or Big League Gum but also the Parents are on their feet, shaking the gate with excitement, screaming at the top of their lungs for those plays.

It is in those moments that all of the exhaustion from the week of practice and travel is totally forgotten and you remember why you do it!

The thrill of the big plays and blows of the mistakes always balance each other out - that is what makes baseball so exciting. It can't be home run after home run - that's why when you hit one to the fence it is such a HUGE deal!

After the big games, after the huge wins or the devastating losses you load back in the car and head home - for one more travel (probably a little stinkier this time). Sometimes those rides back are nothing but shrills and thrills as you replay every big moment...and on the other hand, sometimes those rides are spent in silence, replaying every tragic moment. Whether you are the Bad News Bears, UNC Chapel Hill Rams, or the Pittsburgh Pirates - The great thing about Baseball is there will always be another game, another season, and another win!

Until the next time you get to hear, "Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd!"

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October 18, 2021 — Caroline Eure

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