Who else has kids doing the countdown to Halloween. In some cases Halloween gets down played because it isn't one of the heavily marketed Holidays. You can go through Wal-mart, Target, or any other superstore and the Halloween goodies are pretty much gone, costumes put away, and Christmas wreaths coming out...BUT not everyone feels that way!

The die hard Halloween crowd has been doing the countdown, preparing their homes and their families for the BIG night. Well it's ALMOST here! Candy has been purchased, costumes tailored, and festivities lined up! Whose school is doing Halloween themed days? Who gets to wear capes, costumes, and enjoy all of the parties before the 31st?

Who has costumes picked out? Who has little ones that can't make up their mind until day of? As parents we get to enjoy the dressing up, walking the neighborhood, and grabbing our favorite sweets from the bucket!


Are you trick or treating, going to a festival, or loading up for a Trunk or Treat? Who is making Homemade goodies for school or are you buying the coolest cookies?

Our boots have debuted in multiple costumes - look at how they perfectly finish each suit!


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